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Food for Adventure Lovers

Caravan Company Catering was borne of the need to supply consistent, dependable and experienced cooking support and meticulously planned  trip food to various outdoor enthusiasts and guided trips. We pride ourselves in procuring a high standard of delicious and nutritious food for self catered groups, guides, lodges and backcountry  enthusiasts... so that you may sit back and enjoy your time on your adventure rather than spending it meal planning, shopping, prepping and transporting it. We can happily pre-prepare meals based on your group requirements and the type of activity you are doing. Let us take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to planning appropriate meals for your activity, or let us do your baking or's all up to you and how you want the food to flow within the parameters of your trip. We pride ourselves in being "handlers"....taking adversity in stride and with a smile. We're happy to help you plan and execute a flawless meal plan no matter how "interesting" your trip may be.  Let's chat about your next adventure!


Maegan Deighton- owner/operator

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